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Looking for Europe tour packages from Sri Lanka? We have a variety of tour packages for Sri Lankans and expats if you are traveling within the Netherlands, in and around Amsterdam and if combining several European countries.

With us, you also have the possibility to book day excursions from the Netherlands to other neighboring countries and cities.


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Erasmus Bridge Rotterdam, Netherlands

The Erasmus bridge is located in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The uniqueness of the Erasmus bridge is characterized through the fact that it is standing as a giant icon in the middle of Rotterdam, Netherlands. The Erasmus Bridge is Rotterdam is the most important landmark and is even part of the city’s official logo. The…

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The new normal when traveling to Europe. Holidays in Holland tells how!

Countries in Europe That Are Open to COVID-19 Vaccinated travelers

What European countries are open for the vaccinated traveler? We put the countries in Europe in this list with less travel regulations.

Schengen Multiple-Entry Visa Rules Simplified

The process to on obtaining Schengen multiple-entry visas was never as easy as now. The trick is to travel regularly to the Schengen area. We simplify this process.

10 Types of bicycles in the Netherlands

Have you ever wondered what type of bicycles are used in Holland? We tell you what kind of cycles the Dutch use.

The Big 5 (animals) in the Netherlands

Discover the big five animals in the Netherlands. We tell you who they are and where the big five live.


From end of 2020, we started publishing our own weekly update on the current happenings in Europe and also on our new Europe tour packages from Sri Lanka.