The atomium is one of the most visited places in Brussels which we see during our one week Belgium tour packages from Netherlands.
Brussels is one of the European main cities located in Belgium.

Belgium, a small yet captivating European nation, boasts a rich tapestry of history, culture, and architectural wonders. The country is dotted with cities that offer a unique blend of medieval charm, modern vibrancy, and delectable cuisine. Here are ten main cities in Belgium that you should consider visiting:

Brussels: As the capital of both Belgium and the European Union, Brussels is a bustling metropolis. Visit the iconic Grand Place, explore the Atomium and savor some of the world’s finest chocolates and waffles. With us you also can make day tours from Brussels to elsewhere.

Bruges: Often called the “Venice of the North,” Bruges is a picturesque medieval town with cobblestone streets, canals, and well-preserved architecture. Don’t miss the Belfry Tower and a boat ride on the canals.

Antwerp: Known for its fashion, diamonds, and artistic heritage, Antwerp is a trendy city with a vibrant cultural scene. The Cathedral of Our Lady and the Royal Museum of Fine Arts are must-see attractions.

Ghent: With its medieval and Gothic architecture, Ghent is a city that exudes charm. Visit St. Bavo’s Cathedral, Gravensteen Castle, take a stroll along the picturesque Graslei and Korenlei canals.

Liege: Situated along the Meuse River, Liege is a city of contrast. It combines historical sites like Prince-Bishops’ Palace with modern attractions such as the train station. The station was designed by Santiago Calatrava.

Namur: The capital of the Wallonia region, Namur is a charming city with a well-preserved citadel offering panoramic views of the Meuse River. Explore the historic center and visit St. Aubin’s Cathedral.

Leuven: Home to one of Europe’s oldest universities, KU Leuven, Leuven is a lively university city with a youthful atmosphere. Don’t miss the stunning Town Hall and the M-Museum Leuven.

Ostend: A coastal city on the North Sea, Ostend is known for its sandy beaches, seafood restaurants, and lively promenade. The Mu.ZEE art museum and the Mercator Ship are worth a visit.

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You can make Day trips from Brussels to many international institutes like the EU headquarters.

Mechelen: Nestled between Brussels and Antwerp, Mechelen offers an array of historical sites such as St. Rumbold’s Cathedral and the Beguinage. That makes it a great day trip destination.

Tournai: This ancient city, which dates back to Roman times, features the stunning Tournai Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stroll through the charming streets and visit the Belfry of Tournai.

Each of these cities in Belgium has its own unique character, making it a rewarding destination for travelers. Are you interested in history, art, gastronomy, or simply soaking in the picturesque atmosphere? Then Belgium has something for everyone. With its compact size and efficient rail network, you can easily explore the country. Experience the diverse beauty it has to offer.

Day excursion to Bruges allows you to see the medieval buildings in the old city.
Bruges is a one of the key touristic cities that you should not be missing to visit.