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    The Northern lights are a common phenomena in Scandinavia which we will see during the 5 nights tour package to Scandinavia from Netherlands.

    The Northern lights are a common phenomena in Scandinavia which we will see during one of our many Tours of Scandinavian countries.

    There are many Tours of Scandinavian countries, but this special Trip to Scandinavia has a true essence in it. Within 9 days you will discover  the vivid beauty of 4 countries- Norway,  Sweden, Finland and as a bonus Denmark. You will predominantly transport in the train and also with the boat, bus and ferry.  If you have never been to Lapland, You can stripe it off from the list as one of the trips to Lapland. You can also combine this Scandinavian Tour with a combination to Western Europe. Have a look at our tours in  Netherlands or France or either the Eastern European Tour with Prague, Budapest, Krakow and Berlin. 

    This tour takes you on an unforgettable journey through the enchanting Trips to  Scandinavian countries. The tour is offering a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural experiences. Your adventure begins  from the airport you arrive, where you embark on a train ride to the charming city of Malmo in Sweden. From there, you hop onto the Swedish night train bound for Stockholm, Sweden’s capital. The time of arriving in Stockholm is in the morning. Your accommodation, the MS Mälardrottningen, a 3-star hotel boat on Lake Mälaren. The hotel provides a quiet and convenient base in the city center.

    Stockholm’s iconic attractions are within easy reach, allowing you to explore the city at your own pace. Additionally, you have the option to book exciting excursions with us such as museum visits or city hip-hop tours in Stockholm.

    Next, you embark on a breathtaking ferry journey across the Baltic Sea to Turku in Finland, aboard the Viking Line icebreaker. Finland is a integral part of a the trips to Lapland. This Viking Line voyage offers unparalleled views of thousands of islands and includes a short stop at the Aland Islands. You then catch a night train to Kemi, where you can visit the famous snow castle (open from January to April).

    The icehotel in Jukkasjärvi is a hotel we stay Kemi has one of the popular snow castles and we will pass it during the 5 nights tour package to Scandinavia from Netherlands.

    The icehotel in Jukkasjärvi is a hotel we stay Kemi has one of the popular snow castles and we will pass it during the Trip to Scandinavian Countries.

    Continuing your Scandinavian adventure, you travel by bus to Lulea (except on Sundays) . We then take the Norrtag train to Kiruna in Sweden. Here, you’ll spend the night at a local hotel. The highlight of this leg is a visit to the remarkable Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi. Marvel at the unique ice structures, including the Ice Church and Ice Bar. Optional excursions, like husky safaris, add to the experience. You’ll journey by train to Abisko Turiststation in Sweden, Enjoy stunning mountain scenery en route. The journey continues to Narvik in Norway. This is where you can explore the beauty of Norway and, if you dare, enjoy some skiing in Narvikfjellet. Afterward, you board the night train back to Stockholm.

    Your final leg of the Trip to Scandinavian countries includes a high-speed X2000 express train to Malmö. This trip is has a beautiful crossing over the iconic Öresund Bridge to Copenhagen, Denmark. Denmark is not in the Scandinavian region but our tours of Scandinavian countries combine also

    Route of the 8 nights Tours of Scandinavian countries

    Denmark.  In Copenhagen, you’ll spend the night in a convenient hotel.

    As your Trips to Scandinavian countries and Denmark come to an end, you’ll take a train from Copenhagen to Hamburg, Germany. This is  before you procee

    d to your airport  to go home.. This incredible journey through four Scandinavian countries offers a diverse range of experiences. You experienced from city exploration to breathtaking natural wonders, making it a truly memorable adventure.

    This holiday is completed in association with the train travel shop Netherlands. In the tour itinerary section you will find the day-to-day description of this holiday.

    Stokholm is one of the most beautiful cities in Scandinavia and we will go through it during the 5 nights tour package to Scandinavia from Netherlands.

    Stokholm is one of the most beautiful cities in Scandinavia and we will go through it during the trips to Lapland.

    Why you choose this package!

    • 5 nights accommodation in a 3* hotels with breakfast
    • 3 nights accommodation in the comfortable sleeperettes of the night trains in Sweden and Finland
    • All train tickets mentioned in program, from any station in Holland or Belgium
    • Seating arrangements in Intercity and Intercity express trains
    • Bus ticket Kemi-Lulea (Finland to Sweden)
    • Ferry ride Stockholm-Turku with a 2 persons inside hut
    • Advanced guidance via telephone and email
    • Emergency assistance when needed

    Day 1 ,Airport-Malmo-Stockholm

    We take the train from your arrival airport to Malmo in Sweden. Then you change the train to the Swedish night train which ends in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm (riding everyday except for Saturdays)

    Day 2,Soathe in Stockholm

    We arrive in Stockholm in the morning. You have the whole day to visit the city at your own pace. You Stay on MS Mälardrottningen, 3-star hotel boat on Lake Mälaren near the station, quietly located in the center (mostly cabins with bunk beds). Most of Stockholm's attractions are very close to the hotel. You can book an extra excursion with Holidays in Holland to fill in the day such a museum visit or a city hip hop tour.

    Day 3,Stockholm-Turku-Kemi

    With the Viking Line icebreaker we ferry across the Baltic Sea to Turku in Finland. This is an amazing ferry tour through thousands of islands. The name icebreaker is dedicated to the role played by the ferry. The boat makes a short stop on the Aland Islands. You then take the night train which leaves Turku for Kemi, that is further north in Finland.

    Day 4,Kemi-Kiruna

    Arrival in the morning in Kemi. Visit the popular snow Castle on the Baltic Sea here (open from January to April). In the afternoon take the bus to Lulea (except on Sundays) and with Norrtag to Kiruna in Sweden. Stay at the hotel in Kiruna

    Day 5,Kiruna Ice castle

    In the morning the opportunity to visit the special Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi. In 10 weeks, 25 artists will build the Ice Hotel with all different rooms so that the winter look is being glorified. Visit the Ice Church and the Ice Bar. After April, the hotel will melt into river water in about 12 weeks. . During the day, the entire hotel is accessible to day visitors (entrance fee is payable on site). The hotel is open from December onwards. Optional excursions are also to be taken in Jukkasjärvi such as a husky safari in Lapland. In the afternoon by train to Abisko Turiststation in Sweden. Overnight Abisko.

    Day 6,Kiruna-Narvik

    By train you travel in the morning to Narvik in Norway, through the most beautiful mountain areas in Northern Europe. You descend from a great height to the Ofotfjord. Overnight in pension Breidablikk or a similar hotel. Possibility for skiing if you dare it in Narvikfjellet. A day to discover true Norway!

    Day 7,Discover Narvik

    Today morning you have own time in Narvik to discover the beauty of Norway. Later in the afternoon we take the night train to go to Stockholm.

    Day 8,Narvik-Malmo-Copenhagen

    With X2000 express train to Malmö in Sweden and then and over the Öresund bridge to Copenhagen in Denmark. Overnight in Wakeup Hotel near station or any similar hotel. Denmark will be the last and the 4th country you will cover in this holiday.

    Day 9,Copenhagen-Hamburg-Airport

    Today is the last day during this holiday. In the morning you take the train from Copenhagen to Hamburg and then on to your airport in Germany or final destination Until December , the train will continue as the ferry between Denmark and Germany, after this month, the train will cross the Great Belt Bridge and the island of Funen via Flensburg to Hamburg. End of an amazing Scandinavian tour!

    Additional Info

    • Duration : 8 Nights, 9 Days
    • Price : €1140
    • Location : From your arrival Airport

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