Holland (Also called the Netherlands) has been a very popular destination in Europe, not only because of the cheese, windmills and tulips but also because of its cultural importance, rich history and also the many national parks it has to offer. Moreover Sri Lanka has closely being related to Holland from the colonial times from the 16 th century where many artefacts of Ceylon captured are preserved in currently Dutch museums. Also Holland is in the top 10 countries to selected by lonely planet to visit in 2020.

As the one and only travel company in Holland (may be the whole of Europe) which specializes in Sri Lankan travellers, our Sri Lankan heart of hospitality will give you a dream of a tour with the mixture of royal feeling and unforgettable quality.

Moreover, we are not a traditional travel company who only tries ourselves to book accommodations for you. We allow yourself to book your own selected/preferred accommodation for the best price through our own booking website, Punartha.trvl.com comparing prices with 5 global booking engines.

We also are specialized in providing freedom in your holiday. This means that we have no group guided tours, and wants the traveller to explore the local amenities and entities him/herself. Naturally we provide after, during and after holiday assistance and help you always get the best deals just as a local.

Holland is smaller than Sri Lanka, and has a size of around 45,000 square kilometres

In such a small country, the most efficient and cheapest way for transportation is by public transport. Trains, trams, buses and metros are used by the commuters. These are very efficient and are always scheduled according to a timetable.

Yes of course you can do that. Holland is a good based to start your holiday. You can easily do excursions to the European countries from Holland. Countries like Germany and Belgium are bordering Holland and are just 1 or 2 hours away from big cities. Paris is approachable by train with 3 hours. If you have a visa and want to visit England, London is just 4 hours by train or several hours by boat. If you think you want to fly to these other countries, we arrange European flights as well.

Except for the air ticket and visas, we allow you to experience Holland and other
countries at your own pace. From prices starting from LKR 30,000 including
accommodation and excursions, we can assure you that we are always here to match your budget and make your holiday come alive.

There is usually a notion that the European visa’s are hard to get. But with providing the correct documents, the financial proof and the proof that you are coming back to Sri Lanka, you can get a Schengen visa (valid for 26 countries in the European mainland) within 5 days spending LKR 12,000. See our ‘’visa and ticket info’’ section for more details.

At the moment of confirming, we would require 50% of the total payment to
guarantee your reservation. You can pay us through paypal or credit card using the link in our website. At least 2 weeks before the departure, the rest of the 50% of the payment should be debited to the account.