We travel with train during the 5 nights tour package to Scandinavia from Netherlands.


Thalys First class train ride is worth the ride.

The Thalys train is an international, high speed train which connects Europe’s main cities and has comfortable first and second classes. The Thalys train first class premium includes meals, unlimited drinks, WIFI on board as well as plug sockets for electronic usage. During our journey from Rotterdam to Brussels, we were able to travel in the first class. During this short journey, we made some videos on the interior, food and the experience. Hope you will also be able to travel with Thalys soon during your trip in Europe. You will pay around 100-200 Euros to travel in the Thalys depending on your destination and class of travel. More information on Thalys can be found in their website here.

If you are traveling from Paris to Belgium or the Netherlands (or other way around), the Thalys is the most fastest option. Within 1.5 hours from Paris you are in Brussels while within 2.5 hours you are in Amsterdam. The main difference between the Thalys second and the first class is the provision of meals. In the second class, you do not have the meal facility. However, on board Wifi is available through the train.

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