PJ Perera and Anke Kramer from Holidays in Holland- The Europe travel company for Sri Lankans and expats.


Here you find the story about Holidays in Holland, The Europe tour company for Sri Lankans. Punartha Perera tells how it all started in 2002:

“The first time i went abroad was to Holland in 2002, when my father was working as the director of Sri Lanka trade promotion office at the Sri Lankan embassy. This paved me, as a 14 year old Sri Lankan, the opportunity to explore this country and its beauty. Fascinating tulips, the windmills, the canals and the friendly people were just some of the highlights which mesmerized me. This is when the idea of combining Holland with my fellow Sri Lankans came in to my mind. At the same time the desire to learn the Dutch language and one day to come and live in Holland also came up. Idea of Holidays in Holland was already incepted in my heart.

I was able to learn the language and master it during my tenure at Jetwing Travels in Colombo. Arriving in Europe, for my masters in tourism in 2015, i was able to complete the study and thereafter settle in Holland in 2017 with my partner. Finally, the dream came true, where we started Holidays in Holland 3 years later. Holidays in Holland would like to welcome you who are visiting Holland and Europe. Taste our quality of service and thereby have a memorable holiday of your dreams.”

People to meet


PJ Perera, the owner of Holidays in Holland, Europe travel company for Sri LankansP.J (Punartha) Perera

With more than 10 years of experience in the tourism and the hospitality industry, both in Sri Lanka and Europe, P.J. take the lead of the aspects such as sales & marketing, operations and administration at Holidays in Holland. He started off as a tour executive at Jetwing Travels pvt Ltd in Sri Lanka and moved on to become the Assistant manager for the Benelux region within 6 years. Thereafter he has gained experience in both leisure and cooperate oriented small and large companies in Europe. He will be your first point of contact for inquiries. Contact Punartha by clicking here.

Anke Perera from Holidays in Holland.

Anke Perera from Holidays in Holland.

Anke Perera

Anke is the wife and right hand of Punartha. Having more than 10 years of experience in the airline industry, Anke gives valuable advise on the strategy and the vision of Holidays in Holland. She is also rendering her service in administration and is leading the company in the right direction towards success. Even though you might not see her always in the front line, she is a person who always stands for the company behind the scenes. Contact Anke by clicking here.

How we do it

This is how Holidays in Holland, the Europe tour company for Sri Lankans, always put work in place:

· Organizing tours and holidays always including entrance fees

· Always accommodations with breakfast included

· Giving the full freedom for the traveler to book flights, accommodations, transport and excursions themselves

· Providing the full guarantee of satisfaction during your holiday.

Why we do it

As the Europe travel company for Sri Lankans, we believe in the power of travel. Through travel we get to explore, learn and discover places where we have never been before. Even if you have been to the place before, travelling again to the same place brings new insights.

We at holidays in Holland, the Europe tour company for Sri Lankans, are on the view that every Sri Lankan who travels to Europe has the right to have a memorable trip. Therefore we decided give a helping hand to the traveler to make this right become a reality. We want the traveler to explore Europe just like a local, using all the available travel options in this continent. We will stand in the gap for you.

Why it’s Important

At a time where most of the Sri Lankan travelers use bus tours to come to Europe and explore only the capital cities, Holidays in Holland shows you how your trip can be more than seeing Capitals. As the one and only Europe travel company for Sri Lankans, we are at the forefront of helping your traveling to be memorable and be filled with details that none other can do.

Travel like a local ! Experience traveling in Europe as never before with Holidays in Holland!