Woerden Netherlands- Walking Tour

One of our Netherlands walking tours is a city tour in Woerden, Netherlands.

Price Per Person- Eur 45 p.p.

Walking tour in the city of Woerden Netherlands (Eur 30 p.p.)

Woerden Netherlands is a centuries old, small city which is being built around water. This city is located just a few miles from Utrecht, 10 minutes by train.


Days and Times (On Request)

Starting and meeting point 

We start this walking tour in Woerden, Netherlands at the train station of Woerden. Your local guide will be pick you up here. Even before you start you will realize the calm nature of this small city. This is predominantly due to the nature around Woerden Netherlands. After starting, the guide will take you to the bicycle parking next to the station. This is a place where you can see how people daily park and ride using the bike and train.




Attractions we come across in this tour in Woerden Netherlands

Next in the agenda is to visit the St Bonaventura church. This is the biggest Roman catholic church in this city. During the visit to the church you will see many of the statues and monuments. After the visit to the church, we visit the centuries old castle of Woerden located, next to the city walls. During the last centuries it served as a part of the the city walls but nowadays is converted to an event centre. Thereafter our guide will help you stroll along the market streets of Woerden where it is mostly busy. You notice quickly the specialty stores like the cheese store and the prayer store. The prayer store is a special place for the Christians in Woerden Netherlands to come together and pray for needs.

Het Inloophuis (A social house where everybody can walk in) id an interesting place to visit during this walking tour. This is beacuase its historical significance as a orphan house. Also this building is sheltering a second hand shop where you also can pause and have a cup of coffee or tea.

If you are here on Saturday you can visit the Woerden Cheese Market with our guide. It is every Saturday from 11 am-1 pm ( please visit the website of the Woerden Cheese Market for further details).


During this Woerden Netherlands walking tour , our local guide will bring you to the other best parts of this small but amazing Woerden such as the city gates, the windmills and also special monuments built in memory of soldiers and other heroes. At the end of the tour, he will bring you to the train station of Woerden Netherlands.

You will be surely grateful that you visited Woerden and learned much history about this small city. Through participating in this Woerden walking tour, we are sure that you will also have many good memories about it. This is one of our hidden walking tours in Woerden Netherlands.









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