The hundreds of classical windmills are known as one of the important attractions in Leiden.
Things to do in Leiden include walking in the city searching for attractions in Leiden.
The city hall in Leiden is one of the main buildings which was built before the Pilgrims came to Leiden.

During this walking tour about the Pilgrims in Leiden we take you through some unique places where the Pilgrims lived during their short stay in Leiden.

After the rescue of Leiden from the Spanish in 1574, the city of Leiden wanted to get expanded. The city hall of Leiden and Jan van Hout (the secretary of the city Hall) invites people from neighboring countries to come and live in Leiden. The origin of the Pilgrims in Holland starts here.

After this walking tour, which takes around one and half to two hours, you will know all about the Pilgrim Fathers (Pilgrims in Netherlands) and specifically their time here in Leiden. The walk takes to most of the beautiful places where the Pilgrims lived in Holland, indulged in day-to-day activities, printed books in secret and preached. This Golden Age period also introduces you to the life of Rembrandt, a contemporary of the Pilgrims in Leiden, and a famous artist.

Things to do in Leiden include walking in the city searching for windmills in Leiden.
Molen de Put in Leiden was already in place when Pilgrims in Leiden were living.

Days and Times (On Request/ Op Aanvraag)

Starting and meeting point -Leiden Central Station near the Starbucks

Most of the Pilgrims in Netherlands came to Leiden around the beginning of 1600’s. Until the Mayflower route was deployed in 1620, most of them stayed in Leiden. Most of the pilgrims in Leiden were originally from Wallonia, Germany and the United Kingdom.

This walking tour of the Pilgrims in Leiden is a Walking Tour with Live Guide. This tour can be combined with the Leiden Walking Tour (Stadswandelingen Leiden) with the same guide or the Dutch Polder and Windmill tour.

If you want to know more about our walking tours in the Leiden area with guide, we recommend you also to check our Tripadvisor page.

These are some of the famous attractions that we will visit during this Pilgrims in Netherlands walking tour in Leiden.

BEESTENMARKT- A traditional animal market originated just before the Pilgrim Fathers came to Leiden

STADSTIMMERWERF- The official work place for the carpenter, smith and many other city expansion pioneers.

MOLEN DE PUT- A more than 450 year old Windmill, situated out the outskirts of the city expansion of Leiden.

WEDDESTEEG- This is the street that the world famous artist Rembrandt was born

NOORDEINDE- The house and the street where the famous story of the pilgrim Robert Crouch is being shared.

RAPENBURG- The most famous canal in Leiden with her famous inhabitants.

GRAVENSTEEN- The escape tower of the counts of Holland

ST. PETER’S CHURCH- The most important place where the pilgrim’s worshipped in Leiden

JEAN PESIJNHOF- The famous courtyard in Leiden where the John Robinson-the Pilgrim bought over with his family.

KLOKSTEEG- The Green house (Groene Hyus) where the pilgrim Thomas Brewer bought over.

LEIDEN CITY HALL- We visit this influential place which helped many pilgrim fathers and families to reside in Leiden.

KOORNBRUG- We visit the most famous bridge in Leiden.

LEIDEN AMERICAN PILGRIM MUSEUM (Optional)- We close our visit to Leiden by visiting this museum from outside.

Leiden has very many bridges over the canals which we will see during the 7 days tour package in the Netherlands.
Leiden has very many bridges over the canals which we will see during the 7 days tour package in the Netherlands.
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