Brussels is filled with very many authentic and historical buildings such as this.

Brussels is filled with very many authentic and historical buildings such as this.


Discover captivating day trips from Brussels with us. Visit Bruges, a medieval city famous for its canals and chocolate. Explore Antwerp, known for art, diamonds  and its historic center. Ghent offers a mix of history and vibrant culture. Waterloo lets you delve into Napoleonic history at the famous battlefield. Leuven, a picturesque university town, boasts a stunning library and breweries. Luxembourg City (country) beckons with its fortress and European Union institutions. Rotterdam’s modern architecture and maritime heritage await. You can also explore Amsterdam’s iconic canals and museums. These day trips from Brussels provide diverse experiences. All are within a few hours from the Belgian capital.

Our Cheapest Day trip from Brussels is the Maasmechelen Village- Outlet shopping tour. This is just € 20 per person. As mentioned above, our Favorites to go on a day out from Brussels are the following,

Brussels is named as the headquarters of the European union.

We can make discounted day trips from Brussels to other Belgian cities and neighboring countries.

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    Most of the travelers to the netherlands visit Amsterdam

    Day trip from Brussels to Amsterdam is a very popular excursion.


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    If you are considering to visit many countries at once during your Belgium Tour, we also have some interesting travel packages for you.

France has many castles dating back to the 12-14th centuries.

Day trips to Paris from Belgium are also possible with us.