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Paris at night is an amazing sight, specially with the lit up Eiffel tower on the Seine.
Paris at night is an amazing sight, specially with the lit up Eiffel tower on the Seine.



‘Europe tour packages from Sri Lanka’. If this is something you are looking for, you are in the right place. As the one and only Europe specialist for the Sri Lankan travelers, we introduce you to our  holidays. You find here an overview of the European tour packages you can book from Sri Lanka. These include tours combining European destinations.

Searching for a combined Europe tour packages from Sri Lanka?. We offer you, therefore, several options combining Holland with Germany, France, Belgium and Luxembourg. We also have Europe tours specifically in France, Switzerland, Scandinavian countries and also in Eastern Europe. Moreover, we always have the possibility of combining other countries in Europe with or without Holland. Book Europe tours with us and calculate the tour price yourselves in Sri Lankan Rupees.

European tour packages from Sri Lanka Simplified

Holidays in Holland gives you also the chance to book any accommodation, transport and excursions for the lowest price and all by yourself. Our own booking tools will guide you book your selected accommodation. This is selected according to your own conditions. If you would like, you also have the freedom to book your own transport, excursions and flight tickets to Europe (in ruppees) . We make sure that the Europe tour  packags from Sri Lanka are not only being properly organized but also  you have an amazing dream holiday.

Are you visiting on your honeymoon from Sri Lanka? Then we help you have your dream  honeymoon through our Europe honeymoon packages from Sri Lanka. If you are visiting Europe with your family or alone, we are there to help you as well.

How does the service of Holidays in Holland differs to any other provider? We give you the opportunity to build your own Europe holiday from Sri Lanka yourself and also book it yourself.