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    Attractions in Amsterdam include many canals and bicycles.

    Attractions in Amsterdam include many canals and bicycles. Dutch cycle tours are  popular.

    We are sure you have been searching for Bike Tulip Fields Holland tours. During these special Bike Tulip Fields Holland CYCLE TOURS, you will visit the flowers of Holland and explore windmill culture. We take you on a half a day guided bike tour through the flower fields to show you the numerous tulips, hyacinths and the narcissi’s.  During this trip, you will also get a chance to PLUCK TULIPS YOURSELF and ample time  for photos with flowers.  Visit the flowers of Holland in a special way during this holiday. This is one of our best sold cycle tours. If you are looking for  more cyling tours in the Netherlands, check out the Tempting tulips tour with Cycling which is for 4 days.

    Exploring the cities by bicycles can be a great alternative for sustainability.

    Netherlands cycle tours in bicycles can be a great alternative for sustainability.

    For more general information on Cycling, you can visit the national Cycling association in the Netherlands. The Fietsersbond is the Dutch Cyclists’ Union that campaigns for better cycling conditions in the Netherlands. With 150 local branches, 1500 volunteers and over 35 people employed at head office they have goals. Some of them are well maintained, smooth and direct cycling routes and more and improved parking spaces for bikes. Also action against bicycle theft and for more safety in traffic for cyclists is included.

    If you like to cycle in the Netherlands, there are many places where you can hire bikes and go on Netherlands cycling tours. Ranging from   stations to private owners, the cycle is the most convenient method of getting in the neighborhoods in the Dutch cities and villages. Also note that the Netherlands has the highest cycle density in the world. That is also because the cycle infrastructure is properly made. Therefore the Bike Tulip Fields Holland tours are also very popular among the tourists.

    One of the reasons that the Bike Tulip Fields Holland are popular is  because the country is very flat. Therefore it was also easy to build the cycling infrastructure creating bicycle roads. You will also immediately see that there are more cycles than the no. of people in the Netherlands. The people always cycle to the nearest shopping complex, to school , to work or even for parties. Using the cycle is just as efficient as the electric car when it comes to environmental friendly transport.

    bike tour through the flower fields

    Dutch cycle tours through the flower fields

    Why you choose this package!

    • A cycle trip for a half day
    • Including cycles for adults (Maximum 4 adults per group)
    • An experienced guide during tour
    • Guided tour in the Tulperij and entrance fees
    • Water bottles -1 per person
    • Visit along windmills and Alpaca farms in the Netherlands.

    Around 10 am,Leiden North

    We meet you at the Zwartermeerlaan bushalte in Leiden. Leiden central station is a 15 minute train ride from the Schiphol airport. From Leiden central you take the Bus 4 or 3 towards the Merenwijk and we will be waiting for you with the bicycles at the Zwartermeerlaan bus halt. We will make sure that you have a bike which you can ride. Your guide will meet you at the bus halt and then from this point we will make a half a day bicycle tour towards the Flower fields of Holland. The following map will show the circled flower field area and also the route we are taking with the bicycles. We have highlighted the airport Schiphol, Leiden and famous Lisse.

    From 1015-1200 hours,Leiden North-Sassenheim

    We will start our bicycle ride and bike through the windmills and the polder landscape of the Netherlands. After riding towards the North around 30 mins, you will come across an Alpaca farm. These animals are usually in South America but imported to Europe as domestic animals. Enough time to take some photos. Hereafter you will be cycling across beautiful tulip fields. The tulips are originated in Turkey but Holland is now the number one in the world in exporting Tulips. You will see different sorts of Tulips in different colors. You can again stop and take some photos with the flowers.

    From 1200-1330 hours,Plucking tulips

    We continue cycling through the magnificent tulips, hyacinths and narcissi flowers to our main destination- The Tulperij . This is a renowned flower nursery for the production of different kinds of flowers such as Tulips and Narcissus. We get to go on a guided tour with the owners who tell us how the flower production is being done from A to Z. At the end of the tour, you have the possibility to pluck tulips in the pluck garden. Also you can get a drink in the restaurant or either buy flower balls for planting.

    From 1330-1430 hours,Return to Leiden North

    We return back to Zwartemeerlaan bus halt with the bicycles again. We say goodbye to you as you take the bus back to Leiden central station and your next destination.

    Tour guide during the the bicycle excursion.

    You meet the guide in Leiden North-Zwartermeerlaan. You also then have the possibility to do with us an extra Windmill and Polder excursion in Leiden.

    Additional Info

    • Duration : Half a day excursion
    • Person : From 1 person onwards
    • Price : €39
    • Location : From Leiden North, the Netherlands

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