Here are some short but very useful tips for during your holiday in Holland.

  • When using public transport, do not forget to check in and check out with
    your transport card every time you get on from a station/halt or get off.
  • Ask people around you in English, if you don’t know. Most people speak
    English in Holland.
  • Don’t forget to on your google maps or any other GPS device when roaming in
  • You can buy a pre-paid local sim card at the arrival hall in the airport for less
    than 10 euros. This should be reloaded regularly. Most popular is Lyca and
    Lebara sim cards.
  • Consider the website if you want to know an exact time of a your
    public transport matching your transport schedule.
  • Always use the locker in your hotel for your valuables. Moreover, if you use a
    locker, don’t forget the locker code.
  • If you are walking around within crowds, make sure that your valuables are in
    a bag around your waste so that you can see your most precious belongings.
    Note that in and around big cities, there are pickpockets, unfortunately also in
  • Keep your medical/travel insurance local contact details with your at any
    time. This might be surely needed if an emergency situation arises.
  • Be at the airport always 3 hours prior to the flight to avoid delays and hassles.