Europe visa from Sri Lanka

Europe visa from Sri Lanka is made easier through Holidays in Holland.


Europe visit visa from Sri Lanka is not as difficult as you think. This page explains the much needed information and tips & tricks  on Europe visit visa from Sri Lanka. And after reading this you will obtain your Europe visit visa from Sri Lanka and the travel insurance very easily.

First thing to note that The Netherlands (Also called Holland) is belonging to the Schengen area. Schengen area has in total 26 European countries. So this means that getting Schengen visa helps you to travel beyond the limits of one country to another. When obtaining Europe visit visa from Sri Lanka try to get Schengen visa.



Our help includes,

-Arranging your day-to-day itinerary in our letter head

-Hotel booking/s for Europe visit visa (Dummy or real)

-Airline tickets for Europe visa (Dummy or real)

-Providing an appointment for your Schengen visa.

-Directing to travel insurance partner for the visa purposes (to be paid separately for travel insurance).

– Personally checking once whether all documents are correct after meeting traveler.


 Our service fee also including the service fee of VFS when getting appointments.



For Eur 80 per person we provide you with all these services.

For Eur 30 per person we provide the hotel bookings + Airline tickets.


You first have to pay us to obtain this service.  Note that no payment will be refunded in case visa is not obtained. Also, the Eur 80 is based on for one time visa services (not in case repetitions or rejections)

Thereafter, Europe  visa from Sri Lanka would be obtained through the traveler self or through our partner contact details in Sri Lanka. In any case, we recommend that the traveler arranges the Europe visit visa from Sri Lanka through the VFS Services or the Embassy of Switzerland in Colombo or any other European embassy in Colombo using our tips.


Depending on the country of main stay or first arrival, we can also apply for the visa for you directly from the VFS sections for the embassy of France or Germany or Italy in Colombo.



  • Know your visa type before applying (tourist/visit/family sponsored visa etc.)

  • Apply at least 1 month before you arrive to avoid delays in visas.

  • Bring all the necessary documents for your visa appointment including enough financial proof that you return. Double check all documents before going for appointment.

  • VFS visa fee for a tourist/visitor visa for an adult as at 01 Jan 2020 is Eur 80 (Converted to LKR on the daily exchange rate) and to be  paid directly.

  • Make sure that you show enough financial proof to support your stay in Holland/Europe (For instance you can show your bank statements/asset declarations).

  • Minimum requirement for self sponsored travel  is to show Eur 55 per day  for accommodation and meals, using credit or debit card balances (in the case of the Netherlands tourist visa).

  • Take proof that you are planning to coming back to the country where you are staying (For example, a Letter of employment from the employer).

  • If you are planning to use Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg as your main destinations please use the below links for further requirements and visa application process. Our Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg tour  combining these three countries is an ideal trip if this is the case.

Selecting what kind of Europe visa type you want to apply can be found here.


If you want a tourist visa: Step by step guide on the Schengen tourist visa application through VFS can be found here.


Sri Lankan passport

Checklist for your visa appointment (What you need to show) for Schengen tourist visa can be found here.


Schengen tourist visa application form, can be found here.




If you are visiting a family or friend in the Netherlands, it is also possible to get a sponsorship from the relevant person. This method is used if you are not able to show Eur 55 per day as self sufficiency means.  The friend or family must fill in this form, sign it (with partner) in the relevant city hall, add 3 salary slips and the letter of contract (from employer) / own business details and send it to the applicant by post. These original documents should be brought by the applicant to the embassy when applying for the visa.

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Kindly note that Holidays in Holland does not provide sponsor letters for visa’s as it is not a prerequisite for a Schengen tourist visa.

Travel Insurance Assistance

Europe visit visa from Sri Lanka is made easier through Holidays in Holland.


When obtaining Europe visit visa from Sri Lanka, it is important  to have a travel insurance. At this moment Holidays in Holland is  prividing A-Z visa help for tourist and visit visas. We would also recommend that you get the related travel insurances and connect you to related people.  Here are our contact details for tourist or visit visa purposes,

  • Holidays in Holland visa services

    Contact details Tel: 0094 774 225462(Whatsapp )


Tips on Travel Insurance and Arranging visa’s

Travel insurances for a Schengen area for a tourist visa are varying from Rupees 35,000-40,000/=. It depends on your age and medical history. We can assist you with your travel insurance purposes by directing you to the insurance company. Travel insurance includes a special medical cover abroad for Covid, provided by recommended companies in Sri Lanka.

VFS Service fee to arrange visa for a Schengen area for a tourist or a short term visa can vary from Rupees 15,000-20,000/=. This amount is inlcuded in our service fee of Euro 80. We will gladly assist you in this matter too for this amount. We will  make an appointment on behalf of you with the embassy and make your visa documents in order (in discussion with you). You only have to visit the embassy for the appointment yourself with the correct papers and face without fear. Using a local agent like us to get Europe visit visa from Sri Lanka is the easiest method.