Bicycles in the Netherlands

Here are 10 types of bicycles in the Netherlands used.

10 Types of bicycles in the Netherlands

There are various types of bicycles in the Netherlands to be found ranging from city bikes to e-bikes. Bikes are seen in all shapes and sizes. We give you an overview of the 10 most used types of bicycles in the Netherlands.

City bikes are handy to travel in urban environments.


This is one of the commonly used bikes in Holland. The vast majority of kilometers on the road are covered with this sort of relatively simple bicycles. Note that its frame is located closely below the seat and is horizontal.

The best way to carry items for small distances is the carrier cycle.


A carrier or cargo cycle looks big and bulky, but it operates almost the same as a regular bicycle. It is a user-friendly bike, for example, for transporting small children (up to 5) and groceries in the carriage part.

Tricycle is also ideal to carry items from place to place.


Sometimes, due to different reasons, people are unable to use a two wheeled bike. If you no longer can balance on a two-wheeler or if you no longer dare to cycle because you are afraid of falling, the tricycle is the solution.

An e-bike storage point, where the e bikes are recharged using grid next to it.


The E bike is an electric bike which facilitates the energy generated by the foot. It gives more speed when needed, specially when biking in a hilly area. This type of bikes can have a small rechargeable battery, either in the storage part or in the front of the bike.

A fat bike has extra bulky tyres to travel in rugged environments.


When you hit the snow, sand or forest environments with a fat bike, it gives you extra rigidness to stay balanced and also gives a steady speed. The friction levels with the ground are getting lower because of these bulky tyres. Fat bikes are ideal for cyclists who love adventure.

The mothers cycle is ideal to travel with children


The ideal way to cycle with a child with you is on a mother’s cycle. In this bicycle, there is a special seat in the front (and also another seat can be adjusted in the back) which is clicked to the bike. In this manner, you can transport one or two children with you.

The recumbent bike is an ideal way to relax and cycle.


In the recumbent bike, you can cycle just as you are lying down. You will be lying horizontally while you will raise your legs and paddle it above your head. Ideal way to cycle while relaxing.

8.Tandem bike is ideal if you want to bike together with another person.


Tandem bikes are used for two people, who can bike together in the same vehicle. There are 2 saddles (seats) and one individual chain connected to 2 paddles. Both persons can bike together while the bike moves forward.


The granny bicycle has been popular among young and old for years. Ideal for cycling to the city or to school. Notice the lower frame which is also bent. Most of the time, there is a small granny’s basket in the front for the groceries.

Even though it is called a ladies bike, men use it too.


In a ladies bicycle, the top frame is bent and is diagonal going below the seat. Also the frame is not horizontal. This situation is advantageous when you are cycling with children. Also it helps to get in an out of the cycle very easily.

Even though these are the most popular 10 types of bikes used in the Netherlands, people also use other special bike types such as bike steppers, bikes with different wheel sizes and action bicycles. Racing bikes are also popular.

In one of the Dutch cycling tournaments

If you visit the Netherlands, bicycling is an activity that we will surely recommend. Our walking tours can also be done by bikes which are being provided by us .

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