The Lotschental Valley in Switzerland

In winter the Lotschental valley Switzerland covered with snow

Switzerland  is a very popular destination in Europe.  If you want to visit this amazing destination during your vacation and still go to a serene, unspoiled place the Lotschental valley is where you should be. Lotschental  and the surrounding ski areas are remote but easily accessible. Moreover it  gives you you a grand picture of the nature in Switzerland.

The Lotschental Valley

This valley is situated in the south of the country in the province of Vallis. It is also a part of the bigger Rhone valley and  is reachable  by car and train. Comprising of 5 small villages, the valley overlooks snow capped mountains and also a snow filled glacier (Long glacier). Lotschental is a destination especially renowned for snow,  ice, glaciers, clear blue water, snow capped mountains and steep valleys. As for the accommodations, there are small guesthouses, few hotels and predominantly privately owned chalets where you can spend a few days surrounded in nature. The Lotschental valley is also very popular for hiking and day tripping. This video will show you how nature’s beauty is vividly spread in Lotschental. If you are a nature lover, this is the place in Switzerland you should spend a couple of days and explore.

Even though many people do not  know about this special place, many local skiers and nature lovers come to experience the real beauty of Swiss nature in this valley.

Holidays in Holland invites you to visit the Lotschental valley during your trip to Europe. You can combine this amazing place with a holiday combined with other European countries. We are happy to arrange your visit to Switzerland and also to help you be amazed by the serene nature of this wonderful place.

ice melting to water
Ice melting to water at high speeds
One of the very many snow capped mountains in Lotschental valley in Switzerland
Snow capped mountains in Lotschental-Switzerland
Clear blue waters
View when Hiking
View when hiking in Lotschental valley-Switzerland
The long glacier -Lotschental valley in Switzerland
The long glacier -Lotschental valley in Switzerland
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