Leiden: Worth a visit when you are in Holland

The central station van Leiden is one of the first points you will come across when visiting Leiden.

This blog will show you why you should visit Leiden in the Netherlands during your holiday. We will convince you why you should do it.Visiting Leiden during your trip to Holland would be a great idea because of several reasons.

The majority of the people who visit the Netherlands (Holland) visit Amsterdam. Amsterdam is popular for canals, museums and the lively nature of the city. However what most visitors do not know is that Leiden, just 45 minutes from Amsterdam, also offers almost the same experience at a minimal cost and also with an authentic manner. We will give you 4 reasons why you should be visiting Leiden.

1.Leiden has as many canals just as many as in Amsterdam

Visiting Leiden on a holiday will help you see many boats
A boat with students in Leiden

Leiden is a city surrounded by water. Therefore one can see many canals as much as in Amsterdam in this city. Further more, the boat rides in these canals are much quiet and give you more relaxation than in the canals of Amsterdam. This is one of the major reasons we recommend a canal ride in Leiden instead of in Amsterdam. As one of the oldest city in the Netherlands, a boat ride through Leiden will help you to understand the history, culture and also the story behind Leidens famous Leidse ontzet (victory over the Spanish in the 1600’s).

2. Leiden is a city where you can visit and discover by walking or cycling

Bicycles are a common site while visiting Leiden in the Netherlands
Bicycles in Leiden are a common site.

As far as Leiden is concerned, it is a city where you can walk and discover the city yourself. Cycling is also a great option for visiting Leiden. The city is a small compared to Amsterdam which means that public transport is not a necessity for a visit to the city. All the attractions of the city are located a stone’s throw away from each other. So we recommend you to visit this city without taking any bus or taxi’s. Keep the pace for yourself, stop for a cup of coffee and start dicovering.

3. The attractiveness of the location of Leiden.

Sky above Leiden in the Netherlands
Airplane flying above Leiden arriving at the international airport nearby.

If you are planning to visit other cities in Holland such as The Hague, Rotterdam or Utrecht during your trip to the Netherlands, Leiden is the best place to base from. From Leiden you can indulge in day city trips to each one of these cities. The Hague is 15 minutes ride with the train while Rotterdam is a 30 minute ride. Utrecht can be reached with 45 minutes. Also the international airport Schiphol is only 15 minutes away with the train. Having a central location also means that it is easy getting by public transport to your next destination on time.

4. The cultural and natural beauty of Leiden

River Zijl in Leiden

Leiden is very popular for her collection of museums. Some of those are the museum of ethnicities, the museum of lace weaving, the museum of naturalis (about nature and nature photography) and the museum Corpus (museum about every detail of your body). Moreover the city is also famous for her ancient old churches such St Peter’s church, Hooglandse Church and the Mare church.

The canals and the windmills add an extra advantage to the city by adding her a sense of natural beauty. A boat ride along the canals will show you the old city walls, and also how the city enlarged itself in the past centuries.

5. Walking excursion in the Lake district in Leiden

One of the many sights of nature in the Leiden Lake district.

This excursion, only offered through holidays in holland, takes you through the most beautiful parts just outside the city of Leiden in the Lake district. Walking along rivers, canals and windmills you will see how the Dutch landscape can be so beautiful in every season. We take you along the nature where you will definitely observe variety of birds, ducks, geese and many dairy animals. We also take you also along the borders of a golf couse where the natural beauty of the surrounding flatlands is clear to be seen.

So dont forget to add Leiden to your next holidays in Holland. We are eager to support and help you.Contact us anytime info@holidaysinholland.com

The official tourist information page of Leiden can be seen here.

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