Erasmus Bridge Rotterdam, Netherlands

Erasmus bridge is the unique city icon in Rotterdam

The Erasmus bridge is located in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The uniqueness of the Erasmus bridge is characterized through the fact that it is standing as a giant icon in the middle of Rotterdam, Netherlands. The Erasmus Bridge is Rotterdam is the most important landmark and a part of the city’s official logo.

The Erasmus bridge was built through a combined cable-stayed and bascule way. The construction began in 1986 and was completed in 1996. It crosses the Nieuwe Maas river and is located in the center of Rotterdam while connecting the north and south parts of this city. Moreover the bridge is the second largest in the Netherlands. The bridge was named in 1992 after Desiderius Erasmus, a prominent Christian Renaissance humanist, who was also at that time known as Erasmus of Rotterdam. Do you like this video? Then feel free to like, comment and share. Do you like to know more about the travels in the Netherlands and in Europe? Then we would like to invite you to subscribe to our channel using the following link. We will show you more of Europe.…

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