Royal delft porcelain

Delft is a city situated in the province of South Holland. Delft is also an island in Northern Sri Lanka, where the name was initially brought over by the Dutch to Sri Lanka during colonial times. The original Delft, hence, lies in Holland. Delft is world famous for its Royal Dutch porcelain works and the factory. Moreover the city is famous for its technical university, TU Delft. During your visit to Holland, Delft is a city which is not to be missed.


The porcelain work was initially started by the Chinese in the 12th century but during the renaissance and colonial times of the 16th and 17th century Holland took over the as the porcelain centre of the world. From this time the Royal Dutch porcelain has become world famous. Delft holds the headquarters of this exquisite work and the Royal Delft porceyleyne fles is the only remaining factory to show how porcelain is designed, hand painted and baked in ovens just as they did 400 years ago. During the tour to the museum you will see how the designers are working at the new works and also the traditional Christmas porcelain selections. At the end you have the opportunity to buy some real Royal blue souvenirs. Another delftware factory β€˜β€™Paauw’’ allows you to paint your own design inside the factory.


This is one of the world famous technical universities located in Delft. This university is famous for technical subjects, design and science. Throughout Delft you see different campuses housed in the city totalling to 6. Currently there are 25,000 students and 6,000 staff in TU Delft.


In the middle of the center and standing above other is the new church of Delft. You can clearly see very far from the more than 180 meter tower that various stones have been used over the years. The oldest parts of the church date from the fourteenth century. The New Church of Delft is also the final resting place of William of Orange, who was murdered in 1584. He is considered to be the national hero in Holland and from him the royal family is descending.


The Old church of Delft was built in the thirteenth century and is also the oldest church in Delft. A significant factor about this church is that you can clearly see that the tower is slightly tilted. It is suspected that this is because the tower is built on a piece of filled-in canal. In this church we see the burial place of the famous artist Johannes Vermeer who drew paintings like the milk maid and the girl with a pearl. There are also hundreds of wonderful glass murals in this church which is not to be missed.


Right across from the new church in Delft is the old town hall, built in Renaissance style. These two historic sights give the Market its own character. Delft's town hall was already built in the seventeenth century. The However, the tower is older, it was built around thirteen hundred. The its tower, also known as ``het Steen``, has long served as a prison. Enthusiasts can admire the torture instruments with their own eyes.


One of the best ways to discover the old city of Delft is through a tour with the boat. During this tour you will get to see 2 butter factories, the Dutch East Indian company headquarters, old buildings which are now used as monuments and also some of the university campuses. It’s a recommended tour if you are in Delft for 1 day. This one and half hour boat trip will amaze you and give more knowledge on Delft.