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    Day excursion to Christmas Market Dusseldorf (Germany)

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    Visiting Amsterdam in the night to see the attractions in Amsterdam.

    Visit the Dusseldorf Christmas Market from Holland.

    Dusseldorf or Oberhausen Christmas Market

    Visit the amazing Dusseldorf Christmas market with us on a day trip from Holland. We have these tours during November and December. As an Alternative we also have Oberhausen Christmas Market Day trips from Holland. You can Directly book the Dusseldorf Tour from Amsterdam  and the Oberhausen Christmas Market tour from Amsterdam.

    Otherwise Contact us to book for a lower price as mentioned. We also start and end the tour from other Major cities in Holland.

    Dusseldorf Christmas market is an yearly tradition in Germany. The most part of the city is converted to a Christmas style market. There are many stalls. The dates are 23 November-30 December for the year 2023. Our Dusseldorf Christmas market Day Trips are every Saturday starting 25 November until 30 December 2023.

    The Oberhausen Christmas Market is also an yearly tradition and event held in Oberhausen Germany. There are two Christmas markets in
    Oberhausen: Centro and Altstadt. We take you to the Oberhausen Christmas market in the centro. The dates are 18 November-23 December for the year 2023. Our Oberhausen Christmas market Day Trips are every Saturday/Sunday starting 25 November until 23 December 2023.

    Düsseldorf’s pre-Christmas atmosphere is enchanting. You  smell  the aroma of roasted almonds and warm mulled wine permeating the air. It’s a beloved destination for gift shopping and experiencing the Christmas market tradition. Beyond the market, Düsseldorf offers a diverse range of themed markets. Exploring these markets reveals creatively designed stalls and an extensive array of products.  This makes each visit a delightful surprise.

    Oberhausen Christmas market, Germany’s largest, promises a memorable time filled with delicious treats. Oberhausen has abundant shopping opportunities and aromatic mulled wine. Explore this unforgettable experience with our Oberhausen Christmas market Day trips from Holland.

    From Holland, we  depart in the early morning by coach to Düsseldorf or Oberhausen Christmas Market. We arrive at the main city center at the end of the morning . You have around 6-8 hours to enjoy the atmosphere of the Dusseldorf or Oberhausen Christmas Market . On six different squares there are all kinds of stalls. Moreover you can enjoy the cities on your own pace until the evening . In the evening we will start the return trip again where the chauffeur will pick you up from the drop off place. In the night we return to Holland.

    Dusseldorf Christmas market Day trips from Holland

    Dusseldorf Christmas market Day trips from Holland

    Interested to join our trip to the Dusseldorf Christmas market. Then contact us via info@holidaysinholland.com

    Why you choose this package!

    • Transportation in a luxury bus from Holland to destination and back again.
    • 8 hours free time in Dusseldorf

    Day 1,Holland-Dusseldorf/Oberhausen Christmas market

    From the main cities in Holland, we pick you up early in the morning with a bus. Thereafter you travel to the Wonderful Dusseldorf Christmas market. Once you arrive there, we drop you in a central place. You have more than 6 hours to discover the Christmas market yourself. Also bask in Christmas glory. In the evening, we begin our return trip to Holland.

    Additional Info

    • Duration : 1 full day
    • Price : €43

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