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    Day excursion to Disneyland Paris (France)

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    Tour packages from Sri Lanka with Holidays in Holland-Disneyland Paris

    Paris Disneyland Day Trip from Amsterdam is one of the most searched tours for Amsterdam day trips.

    Paris Disneyland Day Trip from Netherlands

    Have you ever dreamt of going to a Disney park as a child? Meeting Mickey mouse, Donald Duck and the famous  figures is going to become a reality. Our Paris Disneyland Day Trip from Amsterdam is the trip you have been searching for. We plan this tour every week in the weekend from Major cities in the Netherlands.

    In the night before the tour we start from the city in Holland (Major cities in Holland including Amsterdam) where we will arrive at Disneyland® Park in the morning. We will also arrange you the park entrance card. After which you have free time to visit the park until about 8 p.m yourself. We will then start the return journey. We will cross the Dutch border again in the early morning of the 3 rd day, after which the driver will drop you off at your pick-up point. You will surely have happy memories of your Paris Disneyland Day Trip from Amsterdam. If you want to visit the magnificent city of Paris without visiting any theme parks, we have the One Day Paris tour from Holland.

    These are some of the attractions that you can visit in Disneyland Paris during your trip.

    1. Sleeping Beauty Castle: The iconic centerpiece of Disneyland Paris is the Sleeping Beauty Castle. This enchanting castle serves as the symbol of the park and is surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens. Inside, visitors can explore La Galerie de la Belle au Bois Dormant, an immersive gallery that tells the story of Sleeping Beauty through stunning stained glass windows and tapestries.

    2. Space Mountain: Mission 2: For thrill-seekers, Space Mountain: Mission 2 is a must-visit attraction. This high-speed roller coaster takes guests on a cosmic journey through space, complete with inversions and exhilarating twists. The updated version of the classic Space Mountain ride offers a thrilling experience set to a dynamic soundtrack.

    3. Pirates of the Caribbean: Embark on a swashbuckling adventure with Pirates of the Caribbean. This dark ride takes visitors on a boat journey through a world of pirates, treasure, and lively animatronics. The ride is a beloved classic that captures the spirit of the popular film franchise.

    4. Phantom Manor: Phantom Manor is Disneyland Paris’s unique take on the classic Haunted Mansion attraction. This spooky ride explores the mysteries of Ravenswood Manor and features a haunting storyline. The combination of eerie scenes and special effects makes it a memorable and slightly chilling experience.

    5. Ratatouille: The Adventure: Based on the Disney-Pixar film “Ratatouille,” this 4D dark ride shrinks guests down to the size of Remy the rat as they scurry through Gusteau’s restaurant in Paris. The use of 3D animation and practical effects creates an immersive experience that delights visitors of all ages.

    6. It’s a Small World: A classic Disney attraction, “It’s a Small World” is a whimsical boat ride that takes guests on a journey through different countries and cultures. The catchy song, colorful animatronics, and vibrant scenes make it a charming and iconic experience.

    7. Big Thunder Mountain: Hold on tight for a wild ride on Big Thunder Mountain. This thrilling roller coaster takes guests on a runaway train adventure through a scenic Western landscape, complete with caves, canyons, and dynamite explosions.

    8. Disney Illuminations: As the day turns into night, Disneyland Paris comes alive with the spectacular Disney Illuminations nighttime show. The show features a breathtaking combination of fireworks, projections, and music, all set against the backdrop of Sleeping Beauty Castle. It’s a dazzling finale that leaves a lasting impression on visitors

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    * Note that you will be leaving Holland the day before the program to arrive in Disneyland the next

    Why you choose this package!

    • Transportation in a luxury bus from Holland to destination and back again.
    • Entrance fees to Disneyland Paris (Visit the park within 1 day)

    Day 1,Holland-Disneyland Paris

    Begin your journey in the early morning and arrive in the whimsical world of Disney within hours. Explore iconic attractions, meet beloved characters, and savor delicious cuisine. The park's fairy-tale ambiance, thrilling rides, and captivating shows promise a day of wonder and joy. As evening approaches, soak up the enchantment one last time before returning to Amsterdam,

    Additional Info

    • Duration : 1 full day
    • Price : €199

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