Are you planning to visit any one of the European cities from the Netherlands? We are here to help you to arrange one of the best city trips from the Netherlands. There are so much to choose from.  Ranging from Paris to Dusseldorf to  London, we have very many day trips from  the Netherlands.

The location of the Netherlands is so that in close proximity of 300km (around 3-4 hours ride) you can reach three countries. For example you visit Belgium within 2.5 hours from  Amsterdam. Germany is 3 hours ride from Amsterdam. In the same manner, taking the boat for 2 hours from Ijmuiden brings you to Newcastle in the UK. At the same  time London is to be visited from the Netherlands either by  train or by our guided bus tours. The location of the Netherlands makes it efficient and easy to make city trips across neighboring countries in Europe.

Also if you like to go on a day trip within the Netherlands, we also have very special offers for you. The city trips in the same  country includes last minute special offers to any city in the Netherlands. Are you living in the Randstad where the big cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht of the Hague is located? Then you might be interested to visit another city in the East or in the South which can be more quieter. For example in the province of Zeeland, you get to see many dikes and reclaimed landscape. In the East of the Netherlands, you will be able to experience the farming lifestyle of the people. In the middle of the country are the nature reserves Veluwe and Hoge Veluwe. The North of the Netherlands comprises the islands with a magnificent dune landscape. We will help you to select the best city or village experience and get the best value for your money.