Snow time in Netherlands

Making a snowman is a fun thing to do in the winter


In January 2021, there was a couple of weeks of snow which we call the Snow time in the Netherlands. The snow season in the Netherlands was then also spread to the whole of Europe. For example, Madrid in Spain received the highest snowfall in 50 years. It was up to 3 meters. On the 3rd weekend in January there was a half day snow in most parts of Holland including in Leiden, which was around 1 cm snow. The below video shows how snow was falling on grass and how our own snowman came alive :-). This was the best snow season in the Netherlands for the last 3 years, where people also went on skating and enjoyed themselves.

Snow season in the Netherlands is usually occurring in January or in February. In the period 2015-2021 there has been only 2 years where a great snowfall has occurred, mainly due to the global climate change. Therefore the popularity of the Netherlands as a snow destination has reduced. Countries such as Switzerland, Sweden, Norway and Finland have gained the popularity as the best places to experience ice and snow. However, if you happen to visit the Netherlands in the said months, you might witness the snow season in the Netherlands. It is important to note that during the snow time in the Netherlands, people skate on frozen lakes and canals.

Fjords and Snow landscapes are common during the 5 nights tour package to Scandinavia from Netherlands.
Snow time in the Netherlands can also be experience elsewhere in Europe.

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